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Putri Bunga Tomohon, Sivana Stela Pakaya
Tomohon is one of the city in North Sulawesi. The cold air, the varation of natural resources, many kinds of culture and tourism, are the terms why local tourist and foreign tourist come in Tomohon.
Tourism has a special value for the development of Tomohon city. There are so many kinds of tourism in Tomohon, such as: Lokon Mountain (the icon of Tomohon), Linow Lake, Tekaan Telu Tinoor Waterfall,
Agro-Horticulture Rurukan and many more. Tourism has been making Tomohon as the famous city in Indonesia and in the foreign, and the most important thing is Tourism increases the economics of the
society. In order to join MEA 2016, tourism can be the main income for the government of Tomohon city. So, as the society, we must give our real contribution to build the tourism of Tomohon and as the
government, company and society let us hand in hand to develop our Flower City, Tomohon. As the tourism ambassador, I am invite you all to promote the tourisms of Tomohon city with many ways, like direct marketing and by the social media. Like the branding of North Sulawesi government, "Marijo Ka Manado" to enjoy "Wonderful Indonesia" with "Enchanting Tomohon". Thank you.(***)

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